Dead Pools

My 2018 Performances

I am in five this year. None of them for pay. Four are on, one on, one on Derby Dead Pool 2018

Alt.obituaries Dead Pool

Forty people. 3 stiffs. 11 points.
Lassie Lou Ahern. Marty Allen, Jerry Maren.

Death by Numbers

List here.
Hits: 7.
Lassie Lou Ahern; Marty Allen; Rayya Elias; Mark E. Smith, Barbara Bush; Tessa Jowell; Jerry Maren.
Points: 271.

Derby Deadpool

List: here.
Hits: 3.
Points: 15.

2018 The Hare Death Pool List

List here.
Hits: 3.
Points: 288.

Inverse Dead Pool List

List here.
Hits: 2. Atsa no good boss, as Chico Marx would say. Thanks, Dr. Hawking.
Points: Any is too many. Eight. Down to 10th Place.

The Jokers Dead Pool

List here.
Hits: 9.
Lost: Liam Miller,
February: Morgan Tsvangirai, Billy Graham, Catherine Nevin, Nanette Fabray.
March: Ken Dodd, Stephen Hawking.
May: Tessa Jowell, Dean Francis.
Points: 39. LOOKIN' GOOD!

2018 Deathlist Shadow List

List here.
Hits: 5 Lost: Jessica Falkholt, Mort Walker, Tessa Jowell, Jerry Maren, Red Schoendienst.