A Month of Letters Challenge

Participating in a Month of Letters Challenge .

The Penpals

Six men, twenty-four women. Eight international, twenty-two domestic.

How did it go?

Very well. I received very good, powerful, joyful, open letters. I received letters from Canada and England, as I had hoped. I learned how to write better letters, I learned that energies can be transferred from soul to page to soul. I expected two replies but didn't receive them.

Why didn't everyone write back?

I was dropped by five, for various reasons of their own. I have seven new people to write to. I dropped seven, as they never wrote me back. They could have told me they were deluged, through a simple private message on a forum, but I wasn't even worth that to them. Some write strictly between February 1 through the end of the month, maybe, and if something straggles in late, they won't bother to respond because the challenge is only for February. I may've read that replies to letters are mandatory.

Week One, 2017: January 28 - February 4

Mailed twelve: SW;ML;PD;BG;KU;PR;CD;MH;SK;TG;JH;DD

Received ten: BH;SW;PD;BG(3);MH;SK;JH;DD

Week Two, 2017: February 6 - February 11

Mailed eleven: BG(3),DD,GS,RC,RE,RF,PL,VK(2)

Received ten: BG(3),BH,BR,VK(2),PL,RE,GS

Week Three, 2017: February 13 - February 18

Mailed nine: BG(3),BH,ViCh,VK,BFH,SW,PD

Received ten: VK(2),SW,AS,J,BG,PD,BR,SC,JC

Week Four, 2017: February 21 - February 25

Mailed eleven: BG, FAN MAIL - RM, MM, DVD, AIR, AJ ,SG, JC, BR, GS, SZ

Received twelve: MM,RC,CDM,RF,SF,VK,JH,SP,AA,BCG,GS,SZ

Week Five, 2017: February 27 - March 4

Mailed twelve: RF,SF,VK,MM,BCG(2),SW,AA,CDM,RC,SP,JH

Received seven: BCG(2), ML, SW, RDF, MH, BR