International Correspondence Writing Month Challenge

Participating in a International Correspondence Writing Month Challenge 2018 .

The Penpals

I registered my address at on 19 January 2018 to receive letters. So did nearly two thousand people. Maybe people who missed registering, the cutoff was 31 January, will select twenty-eight addresses, writing and mailing one each day in February, either from the huge list of addresses or from the daily generated shortlist of 28. Any mail I can expect to get from this endeavour will likely come from: people I already write to, people restricting their lists to snail mail forums or fountain pen forums I'm a member of, people who've read my comment in the Join In page listing my interests, and early arrivals who happened to grab my address when there were "only" 300 registered. As of 3 February I have not received an InCoWriMo letter. I remember starting to receive them on 8 February. Eight people from my city are participating this year -- for better or worse my city is one of the globally prominent medium-size cities (under one million) that isn't a nation or even state capital.

Week One, 2018: January 30 - February 4

Mailed: NCT, KL, NB, DP, RE, CA, KL, CMKT, GC, TS, CDP, VS, LM, RW

Received: No official InCoWriMo. BH, JSH, KL, MKB, RW

Unofficial Mailed: MKB, AFO (2), KL, JSH.

Week Two, 2018: February 5 - February 11

Mailed: LH, DR-Switz, MS-CA,MC-MI,PJPSR-Andorra,MC-Czech, ARG-Denmark,OD-Hun,VM-AK,BR-SC,MG-Wales,RW-Deu.,DT-Turkey, TS-CT, SZ-PA, JN-CA, HO-Finland, PK-Greece

Received: NCT, VM, BR, SK, SK, MB, MC, SW

Week Three, 2018: February 12 - February 18

Mailed NC-S,OA-Portugal, GG-Italy,JH-Belgium,VK-TX,BB,MM-MH-TX, BCG

Received NCT-2

Week Four, 2018: February 19 - February 25



Week Five, 2018: February 26 - March 4

Mailed VK,SZ, RN,DO,HP,HT,GS,SM,MB, SP,AC-Malaysia,HO-Finland,ES-Norway

Received:HO-Finland, VK,HP,RW,JH,NCT,VM,SK,MB,RE-Malaysia